Employment Opportunities

Apply yourself and have fun on the job! Our team needs a versatile self motivated member with as many of the following skills as possible:

  • Understanding and experience in color printing. We do not have a chemical lab, but do extensive inkjet printing. Must know Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

  • Familiarity with PC based networks. (We are NOT looking for an IT specialist.)

  • Familiarity / willingness to learn our point of sale system and its stock ordering receiving systems.

  • A genuine liking for people. Working our retail photographic/consumer electronics counters makes this a necessity.

  • An appreciation for peoples' memories. They may mean nothing and seem trivial to you, but they are worth risking life for to the owners. People trust us with their pictures and we will do nothing to lose that trust.

  • The ability to work Saturdays (a 5 day work week).

Our team is both male and female, spanning people in their 20s - 60s. We believe that retail is a profession-not just a job. Many people think retail positions are merely standing behind a counter selling products, but that's not how we do things. We build relationships with our clientele, and each team member must wear many hats as you will see below. We have no room for people who can only specialize and do one task - a person may be called on to do sales (in store and online)-advertising-maintenance-web design-teach and receive stock during the course of a single day. Learning and mastering the jobs will encompass the full breadth of running a retail business.

If you have all these traits we would like to hear from you. In addition to salary we offer major medical hospitalization insurance-paid vacations-profit sharing-sick time-bonuses and more.

If this sounds appealing, please fill out the following application and send along with your resume and any other documents to jobs@madisonphoto.com